Hi! I am Sabrina I am an Artist & Designer Helarctos The Helarctos website showcases my skills in brand creation, logo design and UI/UX design. Its primary purpose was a platform where professionals and sunbear fans could share information on projects. It required usability at the forefront of its design as the site needed to handle a lot of data and enable multiple uses as a complex social and educational site. The site incorporated news feeds, interactive articles, a team member page, a forum and a scholarly articles page.



I am a flexible multi-skilled designer with a Fine Art background. I now create websites along with the content creation and social media that goes with them. I am skilled in print, as well as graphic design and coding. If you have a question or a brief to fulfil, please don't hesitate to get in touch! SAY HI
Handmade Marble Paper This type of textural background, for use in brand identity, enhances the primary design to create a distinctive style for your project. Taking inspiration from my fine art background, it is created using a mix of handmade and digital techniques.
My Photography The gallery demonstrates my personal interest in techniques of photo-composition and digital editing. I have Photographed Istanbul, Kew Gardens and West Coast America.
Vector Design Elements These illustrations were used as design elements for UX and as cross platform logos. The images were created in relation to current news and trends and are available to download. Most of the illustrations have the content creator in mind.